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Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital Marketing Techniques

1. SEO

As we talk about Digital Marketing techniques, SEO always comes first. Let us just shift ourselves back in 2010, when aggressive off page SEO was all we need to rank high. But with the strict algorithms updated by search engines now and then, the whole methodology has been changed in SEO.

  • CONTENT of the website has become a major factor to upgrade your SEO methodology. The higher the content quality, higher the ranking we can predict.
  • BLOGS has been ranking way higher than other pages showing how much the major search engines like Google and Bing loves providing knowledge sharing content with the users.
  • KEYWORD DENSITY still works in your favor but the stuffing of keywords don’t. You see, the robots that crawl our website are smarter now and completely understands when the sentence is making sense just to rank the quality of the content.
  • INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL LINKS never dimmed its shine. It’s just that we shall be more cautious when providing any link because the robots as mentioned are smarter and wants 100% relevancy to the page and link provided.
  • MOBILE USABILITY Almost everyone has a mobile-friendly website but is it working fine?? For this, we will update in our next blog about the new update by Google “Mobile First Index”



It is now hard to reach more on Facebook organically. Not only Facebook, almost all the social media channels have been restricting the organic reach leaving no other option than to go for a Paid Marketing. In paid ads, specifically, Video Ads are most engaging. Also, new types of video ads like, In-stream ads is a clear sign of how effective these ads are on Social Media.


3. PPC- Google AdWords

Well, PPC (Pay per click ads) does include more than AdWords but let us restrict it for now because if its popularity. AdWords was really easy back in 2010, all thanks to less competition. But now almost everyone is using AdWords.

According to Google, “99% of our top 1,000 clients are now running campaigns on the Google Display Network and YouTube.”

With this, even paid results are also having competition as shown below:

Tip: Only right choice of keywords, perfectly optimized campaign and wisely chosen daily budget will help you run a successful AdWords Campaign.


4. Email Marketing:

The usage of Email Marketing has shown small decline but the conversion rate is still undeniably high. Where the strategies are bit modified when compared with earlier.

Those are as follows:

  • Artificial Intelligence in emails is driving everyone’s attention and Adobe has invested billions of dollars in it.
  • Just like mobile-friendly websites, mobile-friendly emails are high in focus
  • The text mails are given equal importance with HTML
  • Interactive emails including gifs and timer are more engaging
  • Transparency in promotional emails are most recommended now


5. Marketing Automation:

Every work is being done in an automatic manner. So, even the digital marketing work is greatly assisted by automatic back support and more enhanced form of CRM software with artificial intelligence called as Marketing Automation. This is booming the Digital Marketing industry to great extent.

It covers right from where the lead is captured, following up the leads based on their behavior, analyzing their wants and offering them a deal they can’t refuse, and then closing the deal. The workflow of marketing automation is something that will be regarded as the major skill in Digital Marketing.

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